I have known Nyle for over a decade.  I am amazed in his leadership, ability to bring out the best in others, and always wanting to help out others in need. From a business standpoint he is as savvy a businessman as I have ever met and really understands financing and the value of money.   Nyle has the most well rounded background of anyone I have met.  That makes him the best suited to lead as our County Commissioner.

Patrick Miller

Blaine Resident and Small Business Owner - Patrick Miller Construction

I have known Nyle for over 30 years now, first meeting him when he was a volunteer with the fire department.  He went on to become the chief and has saved the City of Blaine millions per year.  His ability to motivate people and bring out the best in them is unbelievable.  He seems to be involved in everything and I cannot think of a better person to serve Blaine as our County Commission than Nyle, we are lucky he's willing to continue serving.

Tom Ryan

Blaine Mayor

Nyle will be a great commissioner.  Our company does directional/underground boring and we usually are working in right of ways - thus we work with government all the time.  He understands business, he understands people, and he gets things done!  His knowledge of how government operates (or more importantly how it should), combined with his business experience and ability to lead people is exactly what we need in our elected officials. 

Jim Sunderland

Blaine Resident and Blaine Business Owner; T-Ray Construction

These are the Men and Women who construct the buildings we work in, generate power from (nuclear and coal fired), recreate in (Vikings Stadium, Excel Energy Center), educate our kids in and the list goes on.  They are the Iron Workers, Electricians, Carpenters, Laborers, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters, Plasterers, Laborers, Roofers, Sheet Metal Workers, Boilermakers, Bricklayers, Cement Masons, Insulators and more. 

Building Trades

Building Trades and Construction Council of Minnesota

I came to this country as a war refugee when I was 13 over 35 years ago.  Half the people on my boat died when it capsized.  Eventually I ended up in Minnesota and attended Blaine Senior High where I took a woodshop class that led me to working for Nyle.   Now I own my own business, have a family, and become an American Citizen.  Nyle believed in me, mentored me, scolded me (occasionally), and instilled in me the need to contribute and participate.  He is not like anyone else I have met and he gets things done.

Hai Huyn

Blaine Business Owner - Hai's Quality Woodworking

It has been over 20 years since I first met Nyle; who as a very young man – took a chance on me and hired me.  Since then, I have worked for, worked with, and now started my own company.  I used to work for government for over a decade so I know how difficult it is to get things done.  To see what Nyle has done when he was the Fire Chief, his accomplishments as a small business owner, as the City Administrator in Mounds View, and his involvement in the community is remarkable.  I consider him a friend, a mentor, and the best leader I have ever met.  He cares about people, he knows how to get the best from people and that is why I am supporting him for County Commissioner.

Jeremiah Anderson

Blaine Resident and Business Owner – J & B Inspections

Fire Sprinklers - 99.6% effective rate in controlling fires.  Nothing protects you and your family more.  The men and women of Local 417 are proud to endorse Nyle Zikmund, former Fire Chief and passionate advocate for fire prevention and safety of the residents of Spring Lake Park , Blaine and Mounds View.

Sprinkler Fitters Local #417

Minneapolis - St. Paul

When it comes to getting something done or when your community is in need the first person you want on your team is Nyle.  I have known Nyle for over 50 years and in that time my admiration has grown as I have watched Nyle time and time again, be a tireless advocate to help others.

Jerry Newton

State Senator

I have known Nyle for nearly 30 years.  He hired me when we both worked at S & W and supported me when I wanted to begin my own business.  Without his support and all that I learned from him my business would never have become what it is today.  Nyle understands people, he supports their dreams, and knows what it takes to run a business. 

Rich Lero

Apline Woodworking

We are small business owners in Spring Lake Park and residents of Blaine and have known Nyle for 7 years now.  In that time we have come to admire the way he cares about people and supports small business.  When he says he puts people and community first, we see that.  That is why we are supporting Nyle for County Commissioner.

Can Wu Family

Wu Family - Guang Zhou Restaurant

I first met almost 40 years ago when he first came into my shop and ordered a flower arrangement for his wife.  Since then, he has sent her flowers every month on their anniversary date.  Wow!  Over this time, I have gotten to know Nyle very well.  This is a man who understands the importance of small business in the community as well as the importance of community itself.   We need more people like Nyle in office and that is why I wholeheartedly am endorsing him.

Mary Lou Box

Spring Lake Park Resident and Blaine Small Business Owner - The FLower Shoppe

As a former Spring Lake Park resident, now Blaine resident and a small business owner I have a deep appreciation for what our communities need as well as what our businesses need.  Nyle understands both; as a life-long resident and as a business owner himself.  His experience as chief of the fire department and now as a City Administrator enables him to knows first-hand how government works; but more importantly, how to make it more efficient and effective.   That’s that kind of leadership we need in our next County Commissioner.  

Jim Kuempel

Blaine Resident and Business Owner - Midwest Fire Protection

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers proudly endorse Nyle Zikmund for County Commissioner.  These are men and women who are Electricians, Electrical Workers, Power Limited Technicians, Broadcasting and Electrical Manufacturing Employees and ensure that the wonders of electricity are safely installed into the buildings we live, work and play in.


IBEW Local 292

When I first met Nyle I was immediately impressed by his vision and leadership.  He knows how to motivate people and as he always says – “to create and environment where people not only meet; but exceed their own expectations!”  He has my vote and my support as he is exactly what we need in our elected officials.


Spring Lake Park Small Business Owner and Resident – S & S Hardware Solutions

Anthony Scavo...

Spring Lake Park Small Business Owner and Resident – S & S Hardware Solutions

I met Nyle and Terri years ago when they started hosting exchange students in 1990 (and continued doing so until 2016).  I also had their son Maddison as a student. This is a remarkable family; Nyle is an incredible, visionary leader, and we certainly stand to benefit from his values, experience, and leadership as a County Commissioner. 

Mr. "Kevin" Reif

Retired Spring Lake Park High School Teacher

We have collectively known Nyle since 2002 when his son joined our troop.  Since then he has been one of our most engaged adult leaders, this despite his son being out of the troop since 2009.  His generosity of time, willingness to always help out, plan major high adventure trips, and host our annual July campout every year is truly special.  Nyle defines community service and helping others and that is what will make him a great commissioner as he cares about people; especially our youth.

Doug Boorman, Brian Wamsley & Paula Wamsley

Troop 415 Scoutmasters/Adult Leaders 1997 To 2014

Running a fire department, city, or county is no different than running a business.  Hire good people, train them well, set high expectations and hold people accountable, and above all focus on customer service and efficiencies.  I quickly learned that Nyle is one of the best businessmen I know which is just what we need in our elected officials.  We need more people like Nyle who are willing to serve in public office. 

Blaine Resident and Small Business Owner - Diesel and Automotive Imports

John Baruth

Blaine Small Business Owner - Diesel and Automotive Importsome more info about this item...

Nyle and I have been business associates, friends, and co-workers for nearly 20 years.   He is the only other business guy I know who is at work at the same time as I am (4:30) other than my friends who farm.  We share the same recipe for success; get good people, focus on the important stuff, have a clear vision, and treat people well.  As a former Mayor and lifelong resident and longtime business owner in Isanti, we need people like Nyle who understands the importance of taking care of our roads.  Highway 65 continues to get worse!  We need to fix and fix it right.  It will take hard work and building relationships to get this done.  Nyle has proven success at both.

Randy Polzin


In my short time working with Nyle I have found him to be a solutions driven individual who is able to bring everyone together and find common ground.  He would make an excellent commissioner as he knows this community well and what we really need.  It would be great to be able to work together with him.

Erin Koegel

State Representative

I met Nyle thru a blind sales 28 years ago.  Like now, he was on the forefront of using proven technology to improve his business.  Since then, we have worked together on countless projects not only for his businesses, but other businesses and operations as well.  I have always been impressed and actually fascinated by his ability to figure out what should be happening next and how to plan for it.  His focus on people and helping others is impressive as well.  I have always thought he should go into politics as he is just what this country needs.  I tried to get him to run for Governor or President!

Dix Computer Services

Rich Rainelli - Owner

I first met Nyle Zikmund as members of an international service organization 30 years ago as small business owners.  I immediately knew he was a man of great drive, integrity and purpose.  His conviction to serve the community and people was paramount.  Nyle connects with people.  Nyle gets it.  He understands how government works, and more importantly, knows how it should work and has proven ability to transform.   This is exactly what we need in our future leaders and why I am wholeheartedly endorsing him as our next County Commissioner. 

Dr. Michael Kohout

Spring Lake Park Resident - Owner Central Chiropractic

Throughout my public safety career I have met thousands of individuals.  Nyle Zikmund stands out among this crowd as an individual of the highest integrity, committed to finding innovative and effective solutions.  His leadership abilities are extraordinary and his ability to work with all groups sets the example of diplomacy.  I recently recruited him to join a board I have served on for years and in less than a year, we are starting to see the much needed changes that are long overdue.

Tom Brace

Former State Fire Marshal (Washington State 10 years, Minnesota 15 years)

Supporting Nyle Zikmund for County Commissioner.  Nyle understands business, he understands we need to invest in our roads and bridges as they are the key to a vibrant community.

Tyrone Trucking

Leo Luskey - Former Owner - Tyrone Trucking - Blaine Business Owner

As a former member of the Minnesota House and Senate I have worked with Nyle  in the capacity as an elected official as well as being a former board member of the Fire Department.  His ability to innovate and find cost effective solutions is evidenced by the extraordinary success the department has achieved in their cost efficiency, prevention programs, and outstanding safety record.  He is and will be a tireless advocate for the people of Spring Lake Park and Blaine, he understands budgets, and he works hard to make sure everyone benefits.

Alice Johnson

Former State Senator, District 37

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