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Jobs & Education

As a current small business owner I understand the stress and fear facing our small business owners and workers in our community right now. Over my vast career I have been a proven, tireless advocate for the business and education sectors. I will support post-secondary options in our community that will build jobs and grow our economy. I will continue to build relationships with our prosperous education sectors to attract workers and provide jobs for our neighbors

Public Safety

I built a career working for you and your families in the Public Safety Sector as your Fire Chief. In my 34 years in public safety I built relationships with the three police departments and 8 police chiefs who served our community over my tenure - I am uniquely qualified to understand the current and future challenges our community faces and I understand how to use our tax dollars effectively to best serve the community.



County roads provide the connection between residential streets and business parks to State and US highways/freeways. Our community has experienced the increased congestion occurring on our roads as a result of inadequate transportation investments.  Whether a resident or business owner, time stuck in traffic is time wasted that you will never get back. It is vital that our transportation services are timely, cost effective, and focused on safety.

Fiscal Responsibility

We really need smarter - better government and leaders who recognize they work for the community - not the other way around.  It is vital that the Anoka County budget is crafted in a way that provides the services our communities need - such as libraries - while staying focused on responsible spending.  As a Fire Chief, I built an organization based on this principle of Better Government. Our community’s per capita fire protection cost is one of the lowest in the nation for similar size departments and a recent citizen survey ranked our services as being the first in quality as well as being the most essential. I will bring this innovative thinking about fiscal responsibility to the Anoka County Commission!


Please watch out for the Zikmund Ambulance in your community! I recognize the concern many of you have over COVID-19 and I understand the concern around candidates door knocking. This is why I will be coming to your community and letting you do the rest. I will be in specific neighborhoods with information about my campaign. You can find me in the Zikmund Ambulance and approach me within your comfort level. I think communicating with you is vital to Anoka County District 3 - so please come and gather some information about my campaign and share with me your vision for the county. I look forward to meeting you!

Have additional questions? Contact me! 612-860-7442

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